How To Know If You Have Termites In Massachusetts

Termite damage on a home

We have been getting a lot of Termite calls already for the 2019 season home pest control season. Tomorrow we have a big termite job in Northbridge, MA. The homeowner called because they were seeing ants. 

We went out to the home for ant treatment and discovered that there was really bad termite activity in the basement of the home. 

Worker Termites 

The homeowner actually saw some suspicious activity in the basement but they were not sure what caused it.  What they saw in the basement was one of the number-one signs of termite activity, and that is the presence of termite mud tubes.  

Termites workers always need to have moisture so what they do is bring mud from the soil with them as they attack the wood of the home. Therefore, if you see mud tubs, you have active termites or you have had them in the past. 

Termite Mud Tubes On The Basement Beams 

The other sign of termite activity is the presence of Termite Swarmers. The swarmers are the reproductive termites that are swarming in order to mate. They look like flying ants, so if you do see any insects that look like flying ants that drop their wings – make sure to call us right away at 508-981-4180.

The other sign of termite activity is evidence of damaged wood. But once again, you should call a professional for help on this because we see a lot of trained home inspectors and they routinely misdiagnose termite damage from carpenter ant damage and/or wood rot. 

Termite Damage In Marlborough, MA

But if you do see termite swarmers or termite mud tubs anywhere in your home be sure to call right away before the problem gets worse.

We offer one- and two-year warranties for all termite work as well as ongoing termite prevention plans.

At Bug Bully Pest Control, we offer termite inspections so if you think that you might have termites than give us a call again at 508-981-4180.

We service all of the Worcester Ma areas and all surrounding towns from Grafton, MA pest control, Shrewsbury, MA pest control, Westborough, MA pest control, Holden, MA pest control, etc. We also service Cambridge, MA, pest control, Newton, MA, and all surrounding areas. 

We treat for: termites, carpenter ants, mice, rats, wasps, roaches, mosquito, tick, and much more.

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