How To Prepare For A Bed Bug Treatment In 3 Steps

bed bug in a home

Bed bugs infestations have shown no signs of slowing down. I am still finding large bed bug infestations in hotel rooms, nursing homes, and even in movie theaters.

Anywhere that people are stationary for a period of time, bed bugs can live. They will live in the chair, behind wallpaper, behind headboards, waiting for their opportunity to feed on their next host.

If you do get bed bugs, it can be a major pain; oftentimes requiring more than one treatment to eliminate the bed bugs.

At Bug Bully Pest Control, we strive to make the bed bug treatment process as pain free as possible. With proper preparation it can help us to eliminate bed bugs in one or two treatments.

After treating for bed bugs in Worcester, MA, Grafton, and all surrounding towns on a daily basis, we have come up with the easiest and simplest way for you to prepare for a bed bug treatment.

Here Are The Three Steps Needed To Prepare For A Bed Bug Treatment

1. Remove all bedding materials (sheets, bed skirts, pillowcases, etc.) and place them in large plastic bags.

Bed bugs are often found on bedding materials and on the sheets. By placing these items into plastic bags it will prevent any bed bugs from falling off and onto the floor or somewhere else where they can possibly escape. Once items are placed into plastic bags you can move to Step 2.

2. Wash and dry all bedding materials.

Washing and drying will kill any bed bug or bed bug eggs that might be present in the bedding materials.

3. Pull furniture and all other items away from walls about 6” (remove any clutter from floors)

When treating for bed bugs we will need to inspect and treat every crack and crevice possible. This includes the backs of furniture, wall outlets, and headboards. Pulling furniture away from walls make it much easier to locate bed bugs problems and maximizes the treatment efforts.

Note: It is also a good idea to remove all breakable items that are on top of the furniture. This will prevent items from falling off during the bed bug treatment.

And that is all the prep that is needed.

Pretty simple, right?

From here, you will just have to leave for 3-4 hours while we treat and eliminate the bed bugs.

After the 4 hours, everything can be placed back in its regular spot.

From here, we will usually schedule a follow-up bed bug treatment in about 21-30 days if needed.

You will be happy that you called Bug Bully Pest Control and can now sleep bed bug-free.

If we can help you in any way with home pest control in Grafton, MA, feel free to text, call, or email us.

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