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Keep Damaging Carpenter Ants Out With Bug Bully Pest Control

Why do you need carpenter ant treatment? Carpenter ants are one of Massachusetts most destructive pests. They cause thousands of dollars of damage to homes every year by hollowing out the wood and turning it into their new nest.

I have personally witnessed entire sides of homes about to collapse due to carpenter ant damage, it’s not pretty. If you notice big black ants walking in or around you property, call us right away. I have seen many people try to eliminate them themselves but it just makes the problem worse. You may eliminate the few carpenter ants that were in plain sight but the heart of the nest is still in the walls causing damage.

Our Carpenter Ant Treatment Process

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Carpenter ant treatment consists of:

  • Fogging voids with specialized equipment
  • Applying a non-repellent liquid insecticide around the foundation
  • Pressure dusting wall voids where carpenter ants nest
  • Applying carpenter ant specific bait around the interior and exterior of the home

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What Bug Bully Customers Are Saying

Mike is wonderful! He responded immediately and was able to do an inspection the day I called, and the treatment just two days later. He charged significantly less than any other competitors in the area. I would highly recommend him!

Roshani B

Called and Mike was there within the hour.  I had a infestation of bugs on the side of my house.  He is very professional and has very reasonable rates.  I would give him 10 out of 10  He is the only one I will call from now on.  I highly recommend him and his company.  I will recommend him to everyone I know.  Thanks for everything.

Eric D

Very responsive, professional and reliable.  I had a big killer cicada wasp problem, and the Bug Bully eliminated the problem.  I highly recommend this service not only for the results, but for the quick and professional manner in which the services were rendered.  This is a good outfit.

Tony R

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